A Thick Layer of Poop

Max is finally defecating in the toilet, so he has been unusually scatological for the last few weeks. 

Seraphia. That’s a thick layer of poop.

I’m not fabricating any of this — that is exactly what he said, and we have no idea where he got the word or why he said it. I suspect that it is  a very useful word, given the right situation. 

We sincerely apologize to any women named Seraphia for re-defining your name, but Max is 4 years old, and it is pointless to argue with a four year old. 


The Rigors Of Battle

I Shave Before Battle!

Max informs his parents that the word for Barbarian and Barber are related. Civilized  soldiers shaved their beards so their enemies could not grapple them. Apparently, Max is not a barbarian, food-tossing snits not withstanding.

Homo Habilis

homo_habilis“Max, what do ground squirrels do in the winter?”

“They eat Homo Habilis!”

The Homo Habilis is one of Max’s favorite exhibits at the San Diego Museum of man. He’s so fond of the Museum that one of his imaginary friends is Lucy, and another is Stele, after Stele D, a rock carving from Honduras.