Status update: Last week

Here’s how last week was weird, kind of crazy, and altogether pathetic.

First, we had a “dissection” classroom presentation from the San Diego Zoo. This man who did the presentation called himself “Dr. Zoolittle”. He had us analyze the “stomach content” that was supposed to be an animal’s vomit. He had us put on these gloves to up the gross effect. After the presentation, I was willing to bet anything, even money, that this guy’s name wasn’t even remotely close to “Zoolittle”.

On Tuesday, we had PE so relentless I jumped for joy when the coaches called a water break. At the end of that same day, we had this assembly about climate change complete with second graders in labcoats. And then it got even more terrible as Brazilian dancers came onstage and started singing and playing their instruments. There’s only so much of one type of music I can handle (unless if it’s Irish punk rock), and this was especially true as the Brazilian dancers banged on their drums, shook their tamborines, and sang their potentially deadly children’s songs. After that vile assembly, I celebrated.

Wednesday was the most pleasant day of the week, and Thursday was kind of boring, and I don’t really have time to tell you about Friday. I know I’m paranoid about using memory, but this is the end.



Hello, I am Max Busboom, and I have a blog. I am a pre-teen. Yes, you might be thinking that pre-teens can’t write blogs, but in that case, you are wrong. I am usually writing at school.(Hence the domain name.) I don’t know why my crazy system administrator even indirectly allowed me to write this blog.(If you ever get a new computer, register yourself as the administrator. Trust me, you won’t regret it.) And that’s all I have to say for my first post.