Cute Mispronounciations

Aren’t kids supposed to have a few words they mispronounce?  It’s both cute and non-threatening, assuring parent that there will be be a few more years before the kid is both smarter and taller.

Dad: What did you see at the fair? Did you see a Griffon? Did you see a … Cerberus? Did you see a Chimera?

Max: No daddy: you’re supposed to say “Kye-Mer-Ah”.

The obsession with mythology is bad enough, but does he really have to call attention to Dad’s prole interpretation of Latin? At least dad is still taller than him.

Sputee The Sputum Cup

sputeeMax has been fascinated with disease and epidemics, with his recently favorite books being Epidemics and Pandemics. He is particularly fond of sputum cups and quack doctors.  Here is his contribution to epidemiology, Sputee the Sputum Cup.