Stone Sword

IMG_0863Max has become interested in knights and dragons, so it wasn’t surprising when he asked about how to get a sword from a stone. I explained the legend of King Arthur as best I could remember. Then Max explained, “No, how do you make a sword from a stone. ”

Possible, I supposed, but not practical. Max persisted. He persisted for several weeks. Finally, I understood what he was really saying: “Good God Man, you’re a Busboom! Get to work! ” So I made a sword from a stone.

We took a river rock from the garden, put a diamond blade on the angle grinder, and free-handed a sword. Even though Max was equipped with safety glasses and an apron, the  lesson was entirely negated by Dad holding an angle grinder in one hand, and a rock in the other.

Regardless, the result was acceptable, and Max approves: